Young Filmmaker Discovers Generosity with 'Drop'

Janis Vogel understands how collaborative the process of filmmaking can be. Her short film, Drop, was honored by NextGenNYC, an initiative created by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting and IFP to promote emerging filmmakers graduating from CUNY, countless individuals helped her along the way.

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Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting and IFP Announce Recipient of NextGenNYC to Promote City's Emerging Filmmakers

A selection jury chose Drop calling it “a mature, complex and challenging narrative.” The jury was comprised of Jim McKay (director, Our Song), Marshall Curry (director, Street Fight), Jess Weixler (actress, Teeth), Andrew Bujalski (writer/director, Funny Ha-Ha,Mutual Appreciation) and Thomas Allen Harris (director, Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela).

Written and directed by Vogel, Drop tells the story of two twentysomethings as they hit the road in an attempt to escape their small town. Vogel, who was born in Germany and raised in Martha’s Vineyard, earned her M.F.A. in film production at The City College of New York with the completion of Drop in 2008.

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